Mars Trojan – Elon – The Shroud (5517) A


  • This work of art started out in Nizwa, in Oman. The work of art has very deep references to the human race looking for a saviour to save them from earth, themselves, darkness, the future, the past etc. 
  • We live in a society which waits for the Mahdi, Christ and the arrival of E.T.’s on earth Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli wants to help build a wall protecting the earth, Elon Musk wishes to take us to Mars and build on the Moon. People are looking for a spiritual ‘James Bond’ charismatic type figure, one with the power of ‘Christ’ but the knowledge and ways of men. Some of the people, that is.  I personally have great respect for both men. They are not responsible for the expectations others pin on them, save for the mechanical aspects of their endevours.
  • Billionaires are in a race for space. But people are all in a space race. The heart space – the zero-point of the soul/spirit.
  • It addresses what we really think of the field of the blessed and where it is, a sacred place or a state of heart? An  Elysium or the Elysian Fields, a conception of the afterlife. How do we have to live in order to die in the right frame of soul/spirit? What or who do we need saving from?
  •  I have occupied different spaces in my own life as well of some note, which has led to some spiritual synchronization.
  • I have lived in Pretoria, in the same neigbourhood where Elon Musk went to school. The city of Jacarandas. The city name means ‘Judgement’(Please see the download attachment for ‘PTAH’ .)
  • I also lived in the same city where Charlize Theron was born, for some time myself. That city name; ‘Benoni’ means ‘Son of my tears’.
  • This work of art has many subliminal messages embedded.
  • When a photographer took pictures of me sitting on the poster of this artwork, which is also for sale, I had the urge to pose with my hand under my chin.  I did not know at the time of creating this work of art, what the blue funnel behind one figure was in my original artwork as well. I drew it intuitively. After I saw the picture, of the workers of SpaceX in the news recently, I realized it was the rocket they were holding, which I have downloaded from the spiritual realm.
  • If you do some research of your own, you will find out what a ‘Mars Trojan’ is. What both names mean, etc. I do not want to spoil the journey for you.
  • This work of art is about who we see as holding/having the ‘shroud’ of power, a ‘cloak’ which symbolizes salvation of spirit – the salvation of the human race. People wear many masks.  God is perfectly capable of sending help in human form, though ‘Gods’ they are NOT.
  • President Trump calls the leader of North Korea – ‘Rocket Man’, unlike what Elton John meant by his song made in 1972.
  • The book ‘Love & Politics’ by Freigeist Publishing features a chapter on the work:
  • The commentary on the work is also referenced at:
  • Elon Musk certainly deserves a title better than ‘rocket man’. Maybe an evolved soul doing his utmost to help upgrade this civilization, to better things. There is the man who still has to lead a sustainable life here though as a spiritual being.
  • I have written extensively on the ‘Bond number’  syndrome on my blog page at ‘Asgardia Space Nation’ among other related topics as well as on my Instagram feed: please take a look and enjoy the blog and feed.
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