Enclosure Fathom Part 2: Limited Edition – Uvea Morse Code The Method – IS – The Message (5522) A to (5522) E


  • A group of 6 digital renditions of the original drawing of  ‘’UVEA (5522)’’ – which featured in Enclosure Fathom – Part-1 Exhibition.
    STARTED: 2008 & COMPLETED 2019
  1. UVEA MORSE CODE MASSAGE – The Method – IS The Message – Vitreous Humor (5522) A
  2. UVEA MORSE CODE MESSAGE – The Method – IS – The Message – Vitreous Humor (5522) B
  3. UVEA MORSE CODE MASS AGE – The Method – IS – The Message –Vitreous Humor (5522) C   https://www.holeintheheadreview.com/sharmaine-pretorius
.4. UVEA MORSE CODE  – S.O.S AGE – The Method – IS – The Message – Vitreous Humor (5522) D
5. UVEA MORSE CODE LOSS OF MASS – S.O.S. ANTARCTICA – IS – The Message – Vitreous Humor  (5522) ESierra – Oscar – Sierra

6.UVEA MORSE CODE WATER MASS – IS – The Message – Aqueous Humor (5522) – dot dot dot dash dash dash dot dot dot.
  1. The word ‘vitreous’ is an adjective meaning; to be like glass in appearance or physical properties or (of a substance) derived from or containing glass.
    Humour is the quality of being amusing or comic, especially as expressed in literature or speech.
    Or a mood or state of mind.
    Or to comply with the wishes of (someone) in order to keep them content, however unreasonable such wishes might be or sound to us.

Latin holds some real interesting renditions, such as:

  • ‘’morigero’’ – gratify, humor
  • ‘’morem gero’’ – humor,
  • ‘’opsecundo’’ – humor, comply with, humor/ entreat/beseech/implore/pray; (w/deity as object); or beg support.
  • “opsecundanter’’ – according to; in compliance with.
  • Our eyes communicate their own messages, but to whom? Do we also communicate ‘’as is’’ without even realizing it on a daily basis to a bystander who can decode our eye movements or how much fluid gets sloshed around in our eyes?
  • Judges usually see legal teams in their ‘’chambers’’. Who are the judges of the ‘humor’ of our eyes? Who can decode what our eyes see daily? Who uploads what we download and upload with our eyes every day? Some people who are disabled only have their eyes to use to communicate using ‘Morse Code’ – eyes right for a dot and eyes left for a dash and so on. Are you ready to learn about the humor in your eyes?

Biologically: your eyes and your swimming pool.

  • Anterior chamber: Aqueous humor is a clear liquid found between the cornea and the lens of the eye, whereas vitreous humor is a clear gelatinous mass found in the rear part of the eyeball between the lens and retina. … Vitreous humor does not replenish while aqueous humor does. The aqueous humor bathes and nourishes the lens and maintains pressure within the eye. … Ciliary body – the ring of muscle fibers that hold the lens of the eye.

Postmortem and forensics:

  • After death, the vitreous resist putrefaction longer than other body fluids. The vitreous potassium concentration rises so predictably within the hours, days and weeks after a death, those vitreous potassium levels are frequently used to estimate the time since death (post-mortem interval) of a corpse.
  • There is even a company that sells a ‘bereavement and remembrance collection’ online, with Morse code jewelry using dots as lighter beads and dashes as darker beads concerning loved ones.
  • Have you wondered who pre – mortem and mortem decides on the importance of how our humour chambers back there wil do, are doing etc. and what the criteria is via an estimate for when the audience has had enough of each one of us on the stage and who are the audience exactly? As spiritual beings we need to look past just biology and ask these questions about our body – computer.

The medium is the message:

  • The DVD of the full concert may be purchased from Amira’s charity foundation, Stichting Gelukskinders, on https://www.gelukskinders.org Copyright acknowledgement: © Coleske Artists © Afrikaans is Groot © UMG on behalf of Universal Music (Pty) Ltd
  • McLuhan uses the term ‘message’ to signify content and character. The content of the medium is a message that can be easily grasped. And the character of the medium is another message which can be easily overlooked. McLuhan says “Indeed, it is only too typical that the ‘content’ of any medium blinds us to the character of the medium.” For McLuhan, it was the medium itself that shaped and controlled “the scale and form of human association and action. Taking the movie as an example, he argued that the way this medium played with conceptions of speed and time transformed “the world of sequence and connections into the world of creative configuration and structure. Therefore, the message of the movie medium is this transition from “lineal connections” to “configurations. “Extending the argument for understanding the medium as the message itself, he proposed that the “content of any medium is always another medium”– thus, speech is the content of writing, writing is the content of print, and print itself is the content of the telegraph.
  • McLuhan frequently punned on the word “message,” changing it to “mass age,” “mess age,” and “massage.”
  • Each of this series of digital art then poses a self – revealing question and answer.