Enclosure Fathom – Part 2 Transmutation HOLOGRAPHIC Memory Of The Soul: Raka Versus Koki 5520 …..


This post is dedicated to my one grandfather Hugh Edward Webb, the people of Tanzania and greater aunt Lilian Julian Webb – a.k.a. the writer Cynthia Stockley.

Cynthia Stockley (7 July 1873 – 15 January 1936) was a best-selling novelist in Britain, America, and Australia known for her romance novels usually set in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and South Africa. She also belongs to part of my ancestral family.

  • ENCLOSURE FATHOM – PART 1 – Transmutation HOLOGRAPHIC memory Of the Soul (5520) A, is a beautiful work that was accompanied by this ‘Vanitas’ part of its exhibition in the ‘Green Room’. This is a ‘puzzle bowl’ in two parts that come from Zanzibar in Tanzania. Many years ago, my grandpa got stuck during WW2 in the mountains. Those years it was still part of Kenya. He spent a year there, with amnesia, and was the only one left of his platoon. I will let the pictures weave their own story.
  • The figurines come from Kenya and were made into serviette/napkin rings.
  • The cloth was a present from a friend whom we see very seldom and is pure white and from Ecuador.
  • The tin is self-painted, as a copy of what grandpa saw. That is the way their tin cans looked way back when.
  • This ‘Vanitas’ symbolizes my grandpa’s holographic memories. How he wished to meet those same indigenous people who blessed him so. He would have liked to dish up a meal for them, which would celebrate their culture and would pay tribute. Neither they nor grandpa are here. BUT their memories remain in my DNA and in my family’s oral tradition – therefore the coasters are empty and the bowls as well.
  •   This bowl is a mystery bowl. If you get to know people, you partake in their memories. If you can follow those memories to the bottom of the bowl, you will be able to see the parts of the puzzle and get to build a picture of what their lives are really about: ZERO POINT.

This is a collection of digital works of both the ‘Vanitas’ as well as the original work:

Amnesia Looked After By The Divine: (5220) C to (5520) G – (5 x Digital Works)  

They Were Just There – (5520) C

Kilimanjaro Is Waiting – Tinman And The Watcher – (5520) D

Tamalone – (5520) E

Unbound To Adoration – (5520) F

Jovan– (5520) G

Caves – The Way: (5520) H to (5520) Q – 10 X Digital Works

Watchers Of The Caves – (5520) H

Guarding The Paths – (5520) I

Heart And Shoes Of The Cave – (5520) J

At The Beat Of The Drum – Spinning Faster – (5520) K

NOT Angels But They Were There – (5520) L

He Watched & The Owls Watched – (5520) M

Remembering Home – (5520) N

Time To Say Goodbye – (5520) O

50% Whispers Of Africa – Zebra Cave Gate – (5520) P

Seasons Change: Going Home (5520) Q

Face Off: Raka Versus Koki 1 ( 5520) R

Face Off: Raka Versus Koki 2 ( 5520) S

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