Upcoming Exhibitions

Enclosure Fathom – Part 2

  1. Enclosure Fathom – Part 2 – opening event and artist meet Oman: 16 to 24th December 2019, bespoke service by invitation only.
  2. Enclosure Fathom – Part 2 – Mallorca, Spain; POSTPONED,  dates to be announced. (100 tickets available)
  3. Enclosure Fathom – Part 2 – Mtsketha, Georgia; POSTPONED,  dates to be announced. (100 tickets available)

          ARTIST NOTE:

  • Please come and meet with me in these beautiful countries. You are bound to discover the unknown, the extraordinary. I am looking forward to meeting you.
  • Due to various personal reasons, I never went public with my art. I have battled with an autoimmune condition for many years. I have to live my life and arrange it according to my health condition. Therefore I have completed the material for 40 upcoming exhibitions first, before stepping into the formal art arena, ‘step by step’.
  •  It is important to me that these collections will be safeguarded and kept for future generations. Unlike many people think, to be able to see does not immediately mean that one can interpret or has the wisdom to know what one is looking at. It requires study, a’ kaizen’ attitude and always being aware what is transpiring in the outside world on multiple levels.
  • It is also a gate, which should be carefully guarded.  I believe that the technology to help interpret some of my work still has to be developed in the tech arena.
  • I hope to see you at all future exhibitions.