About the Artist and Artist Statement.


  • The artist was born, on 16 November 1963, in the Republic of South Africa. She has been residing in the Sultanate of Oman since 2010. Her pen-name is ‘Ilza’.
  • A prodigy with the gift ‘to see in the spiritual realm’ without any formal art training.
  • https://facesoman.com/the-essence-of-an-extraordinary-gifted-mind/
  • A synesthete trying to incorporate her experiences in order to live as normal a life as possible.
  • https://lifeasahuman.com/2018/arts-culture/art/holographic-memories-visualised-in-art/
  • She counts ancestors from Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.
  • The artist has been drawing for the past thirteen and a half years.
  • Skilled in neurological psychology, medical and forensic science, aviation mechanics, and management as well as multi-cultural mediation, negotiation, and adaptability, holding more than 600 continuing education credits, spread over safety and security, health, and emergency service fields.
  • The artist is CEO of her own company, specializing in research (data science) across various subject matter, mostly in cyberspace; as a service to a confidential client base.
  • This allows her to work flexible hours, as she has to continuously consider her health situation being a sufferer of the autoimmune condition: ‘Secondary Sjögren Syndrome’ with mixed tissue disorder. http://theweek.co.om/?p=2344
  • She sells her art by invitation only.
  • She completed one public exhibition in February 2018: ‘Enclosure Fathom Part 1’ and,  Enclosure Fathom Part 2 – will follow in December 2019 and 2020, across three different countries: Nizwa, Sultanate of Oman, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUaTiHtf8bs Mallorca, Spain  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qmdafYD2YyY and Mtsketha, Georgia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfllgjdMSX8 .
  • She recently completed an exhibition of two of her works, namely; ‘’I Wanna be A Star Walker (2008)”  & 2.  ‘’The Rose Revisited: The Floating Matrix (2006)’’ as part of the ”Contemporary Landscape 2019” group exhibition at Cica Museum from 01/11/2019 to 17/11/2019. https://artshowroom.org/2019/11/12/contemporary-landscape-2019-cica-museum-11-1-11-17-2019/
  • She signs her work on the bottom of each picture or photograph as well as at the back, and adds one blue rose to the end product – see (5520) A.
  • A holographic security patch sticker is affixed to each work upon its sale, unique to the artist, and securely coded.
  • ARTIST STATEMENT:The artist is fascinated by the codes which program us biologically. Her work is a personal interpretation of Vanitas, using Chladni style vibrational sound waves collected directly from the spiritual realm. A touch of Edward Collier exhibits another layer of the artistic, inspirational spectrum. She sees herself as merely an interpreter, an observer of what ‘simply is’, seeing her work as a puzzle, a map and a musical composition.Most of the works in this collection, are of A4 size, created with a combination of coloring pens, wool, and fine calligraphy pens, and, water color paint. She creates drawings and later photograph them and rework themm to reflect what she really sees. Her drawings are just postagestamps, ’emoticons’ / blueprints of what she actually experiences on a much bigger scale. She has 40 collections on backlog, which she has completed over the years.

    The artist worked on the collections while in the Republic of South Korea, and has continued working on it throughout her travels which have included; Japan, the Republic of South Africa, Hong Kong, New Delhi in India, & Shanghai – Zulijiao in the Republic of China, Sultanate of Oman, Russia, Georgia, Turkey, Armenia etc.

    The work has taken many years to see, to download from the spiritual realm, and many more to translate into its current artistic interpretation. She has some of her work transfered onto glass.

    She started adding a ’wool element’ to most work during 2016. The positive energy of the buyers of her art is as important to her as the positive energy with which she has visualized, formed, and presented in her art.

    The artist encourages the buyers of her art to enter into a relationship with her, and her art, as part of an ongoing relationship that can be characterized as a holographic soul memory exchange.

  • References:
  • Hans Zimmer_ Now we are free /The Horse Whisperer/ fanmade.
  • Album: Gladiator
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrIL-0AtDY4